Santa Claus Is Coming To Town In This Naughty ‘Fifty Shades Of Santa’ Parody Trailer

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Last week, Ellen inserted herself into the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer to much fanfare. Now it seems jolly ol’ St. Nicholas will be inserting himself into you this Christmas. Thanks to the deranged folks at Animation Domination High-Def, there’s a new entry in the “Softcore Porn for Mass Consumption” competition.

That’s right, folks. The parody trailer for Fifty Shades of Santa promises a good time for those whose taste in milk and cookies has nothing to do with baking and dairy. Among other things, it includes the eye-burning image of an animated nude Santa, novel uses for candy canes, and catchy euphemisms. Santa Claus is most definitely coming to town, and I’ll never be able to watch Elf again.

Excuse me while I assume the fetal position in the corner, crying silently to myself at the thought of my now-dead childhood.

Source: YouTube

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