Stan Lee Finally Got His Own Cologne

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Stan Lee with ScarJo

With an entire series of Avengers-themed colognes and perfumes already available on the company’s website, it was only fair that the man behind Marvel would get his own fragrance as well. Sure enough, the folks at JADS International recently announced that male comic book fans could now smell like 90-year old Stan Lee, in that they could wear his designer cologne, “Nuff Said”.

Lee’s toilet water joins the ranks of Loki’s “Mischief”, Nick Fury’s “Infinity Formula”, Captain America’s “Patriot”, Iron Man’s “Mark VII”, Hulk’s “Smash” and Thor’s “Worthy” colognes, which all currently sell for $19.99 on the JADS website. But for Lee’s fragrance, you’re gonna have to open your Velcro wallets a little wider. This brand costs $24.99.

As for the most important question, the Baltimore Sun is already one step ahead of all of us Avengers.

So — what is the aroma of heroism with a dash of its polar opposite? Bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil and violet with “accords of cedar, vetiver and musk.” A touch spicy, Levine explained.

“You want to feel like Iron Man … but you want to have a little bit of Loki,” he added, referring to the supervillain who clashed with the Avengers in last year’s blockbuster movie.

By email, Lee explained his reasoning: “I felt a touch of villainy added to the scent would make it more interesting and be of greater appeal to females who always find a villain interesting if he’s rich and handsome — and smells good.

“In a perfect world, I’d also want to add a whiff of comicbook store aroma — the smell of newsprint and colored ink, the rush of enthusiasm and the thrill of discovery,” Lee added. (Via the Baltimore Sun)

Oh, and don’t worry, ladies. You’re not being left out of the fun. JADS also offers a Black Widow perfume to capture the attention of that special Clint Barton out there.

Stan Lee Cologne

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