A Suspect Is In Custody After Giving The Qantas Airline CEO A Pie In The Face

05.09.17 8 months ago

After all the customer services issues airlines have had over the course of the past month, it’s only natural that some people find themselves a little bothered with the whole arrangement. Airlines really have us over their knee on this one, and there is little, outside of, you know, not traveling in the sky, that we can do to get them back for this trend of mistreatment. If only there was something totally benign that we could do to get them back, like a good old fashioned public pantsing of an airline CEO, an intense wedgie, or a pie to the face. A nice cream pie to the noggin.

That’s exactly what some unidentified bloke hit Alan Joyce, the CEO of Australian carrier Qantas, with just as the airline executive was about to give a speech. Now, what’s up, Qantas? More peanuts on flights, or next time it’s a whoopie cushion and fart-flavored jelly beans.

So many questions remain, here. How did a man holding what appears to be the largest cream pie in the universe at, of all places, a breakfast speech go undetected long enough to do the deed? Why is he so angry? Why pie? Why such a frowny face as he delivers the pie-bomb? We may never know. What we do know is Pie-Guy is in custody, and, according to CNN Money, The West Australian newspaper that was throwing the “Leadership Matters” breakfast has apologized and called it a “regrettable incident.”

(Via CNN Money)

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