The American Doctor With Ebola Has Returned Home, Much To Donald Trump’s Chagrin

08.02.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

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For the first time ever, an American with the Ebola virus is on U.S. soil. That someone is Dr. Kent Brantly, who contacted the disease while working in Africa, where over 700 people have already died from the epidemic. Dr. Brantly was brought to the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier today, where he’ll be quarantined to prevent any Monkey Rage mishaps.

“From the time the air ambulance arrives in the metropolitan Atlanta area, up to and including being hospitalized at Emory University Hospital, we have taken every precaution that we know and that our colleagues at the C.D.C. know to ensure that there is no spread of this virus pathogen,” Dr. Bruce S. Ribner said during a press conference on Friday. (Via)

You have nothing to worry about, but don’t tell that to Donald Trump. He won’t listen.

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Can Donald Trump go crazy and start pissing in jars, Howard Hughes-style, yet?

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