‘Avengers Trailer (On A Budget)’ Has Fat Captain America With A Tiny Shield, Your ‘Avengers’ Trailer Parody Is Invalid

04.24.12 6 years ago

We’ll leave the coverage of actual Avengers trailers and footage to our cosplaying siblings at Gamma Squad, but seeing as how the movie is currently tracking at 96% AND this parody trailer from Table 8 Productions prominently features Fat Captain America with a tiny shield, I want I need a piece of the “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” action.

The video (after the jump) is pretty much just a sweded version made by different geeky bad actors, except the jokes are a little bit better, the cast is a little bit chubbier, and they found less change in their gaming sofa to fund the project. Good times. As excited as I am to pay money to see the actual Avengers I would certainly fork over the same amount to watch Fat Cap, Nick “F-Bomb” Fury, Cardboard Iron Man, and stammering Loki in a full length low budget version.

Table 8 Productions via Buzzfeed

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