The Best Of Sherdog’s ‘If Mark Wahlberg Was There…’ Thread


As you may recall, a few days ago Mark Wahlberg let the world know that if he happened to have been on one of those planes that crashed on 9/11, things would have gone down much differently — as in he would have single-handedly thwarted the terrorists and their dastardly plot to destroy America. Naturally, the internet had a good hearty laugh about this, but the denizens of Sherdog are still laughing at it, and don’t appear to be ready to stop laughing at it anytime soon.
In one of the forums over there that has now expanded to almost 40 pages in length, Sherdog message board users have been Photoshopping Wahlberg into other notorious events in world history in a thread titled “If Mark Wahlberg Was There…” I spent a good hour pouring through it earlier and picked out the ones that made me LOL the most. You can view them after the jump in a gallery I’ve compiled. Enjoy. And never forget, because Mark Wahlberg sure hasn’t.

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