Get Jealous After Watching This Incredible Behind The Scenes Clip From ‘The Lego Movie’

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So the consensus seems to be that The Lego Movie is awesome. Not to mention that it is a certifiable hit, even if there are some out there who believe it is ruining our children.

Still, the public loves the movie and it looks like a lot of fun to an outsider like myself. But as this behind the scenes video shows, it isn’t just the viewers who are having a good time with The Lego Movie. The creative team behind the blockbuster basically spent a lot of time playing with Lego sets, both real and virtual, and seem to have a blast doing so.

It’s nice to see grown men act like children in that harmless, non-pathetic manner. It’s a lot different than the other kind you see at the strip club. The kind of childish fun where a middle-aged guy reverts to a nipple sucking baby, complete with a soundtrack by Three Doors Down.

(Via Sploid / CG Meetup )

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