The 'Memento' Visual Timeline Is Awesome, Exhausting

Editorial Director
02.28.12 3 Comments

You know how you f’n love Memento? And how when anyone brings up Dark Knight you’re all like I was into Nolan before it was cool? But truth be told you haven’t actually sat down and watched Memento in years, and attempting to spontaneously think through the plot right now is making your brain hurt?

Yeah, I imagine that goes for most of us around here.

Well, designer Greg Burney of Dashing Industries has illustrated a helpful, yet intricate, map of the plot. It’s about as difficult to wrap your head around as it is to remember Sammy Jankis, but it is a much more efficient memory jogger than taking the time to pop in the DVD. You know, with the cases and the disk insert and the input change and all.

Enlargeable image here and after the jump. Via The High Definite.

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