Science And The Internet Are Here To Cure Your Hangover

06.28.12 6 years ago

I must have gone Pinkman at least five times while watching the latest in ASAP Science’s ongoing crusade to prevent hangovers across the globe (previously: What Causes A Hangover?). Truly the lord’s work.

The information isn’t so much groundbreaking (DRINK WATER PEOPLE) as it is concise and digestible and makes for a few short and fast rules for us imbibers to follow to remain functional on a daily basis. I had three beliefs confirmed: 1) It’s smart to eat like sh*t when drinking, 2) It’s totally “beer before liquor” like I’ve been telling the high school kids I buy booze for, and 3) My anglo ancestry is an advantage.

Please watch, take notes, and thank the internet when you wake up feeling ten times better this weekend, even if you get completely faced at a wedding.

Congeners tip at the :55 mark of course will not be followed.

Source: ASAP Science. GIF via.

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