The Virginia Zoo Wants Your Help In Naming This Baby Giraffe

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07.01.13 5 Comments

Baby Giraffe 1

If you’re the kind of person who often stresses about overcoming your otherwise meaningless existence to leave a lasting impact on society, have I got the opportunity of a lifetime for you! The animal experts at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk have issued a challenge to all of you amateur zoologists out there – they want you to name their newest baby giraffe.

Born on June 6, this little monster is already a whopping 6-foot-4 and 150 pounds, which is good enough for a scholarship at Duke. But what this adorable mammal boasts in size, it lacks in something to call it when people are pointing at it while it eats leaves. All you have to do is visit the Virginia Zoo’s website right here, enter your choice for the giraffe’s name, as well as your personal info, and sit back and wait for the zoo to contact you and tell you how awesome you are.

So what’s the going rate for naming a baby giraffe these days anyway? It should just be pride and maybe one ride around a dirt track in a chariot that the giraffe pulls, but the Virginia Zoo is actually offering up a $200 gift certificate to be used in their gift shop. That’s a lot of personalized shot glasses, people.

As for my entry… Ben Giraffeleck.

Baby Giraffe 2

(Images via the Virginia Zoo/Pilot Online)

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