Twitter Is Having A Damn Field Day With A ‘This Is The Future That Liberals Want’ Meme

Features Writer
03.02.17 18 Comments

The life cycle of a meme is a fickle thing. Some are a slow burn (who knew that ’90s icon Arthur would become a fire meme one day?), while others are hatched, grown, and buried in the span of an afternoon. Blink and you’ll miss it, but they’re certainly fun while they last.The latest meme to set fire to Twitter was an accidental one, born out of some alt-right Twitter account’s misguided attempt at a burn. In the above tweet, two people are seen minding their own business on a subway, which is apparently an offense.

The first wave of reactions pointed out that people simply existing isn’t a crime, and that perhaps the far right is even more sensitive than the liberal snowflakes that they were trying to lampoon.

However, who comes to Twitter for reasonable conversations? GIVE US MEMES. Of course, Twitter obliged. With the simple phrase “this is the future that liberals want,” a new contender for “Biggest Meme of 2017” was born. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. You’re about to see some debauchery.

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