This Imagined Duet Of Trump And Clinton Performing ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ Is Spectacular

10.10.16 1 year ago

Getty Image

Last night’s debate was a terrible, very bad, no good mess. Hillary Clinton continued trying to make points while Donald Trump loomed behind her, dodged questions, and said some pretty nonsensical things. And then the winner turned out not to be a presidential candidate, but some guy named Ken Bone? What is Panem coming to these days?

Fortunately, even if the actual debate exhausted you, at least there were some memes that made all that pain — and the subsequent hangover, if you used the debate as a chance to play a drinking game — a little bit better. The best, of course, was the one in which people took a photo of Trump and Clinton wielding their mics at each other and turned it into an imagined duet.

Check out some of these tweets, via The Fader:

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