Trump Insists His White House Is ‘Functioning Perfectly’ Amid Reports Of Chaos, And People Can’t Handle It

07.12.17 6 months ago 12 Comments

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President Trump’s arguably having the worst week of his administration — although, to be fair, this has been said several times already in less than six months. Seriously though, Don Jr. has essentially provided the first public confirmation (those dang emails) of Trump campaign collusion with Russia, and the White House is now plagued with reports of total chaos. A further look at the timeline reveals that Trump probably knew all about Don Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, despite any claims otherwise. Yet everything is fantastic at the White House, as Trump declared on Twitter.

The president tweeted about his White House that’s “functioning perfectly,” so much so that he now has “very little time for watching T.V.”

Someone’s living on Planet Denial in a big way today. Even hardcore Trump devotees know that the man loves his television, particularly cable news, and his Morning Joe obsession continues, along with his propensity for tweeting out Fox News stories and clips multiple times daily.

Naturally, this solitary tweet has spawned a load of reactions, including some amazingly sarcastic responses. Fellow Twitter junkie Chrissy Teigen immediately declared, “I HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME FOR TWITTER.”

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