Watch This Dog Push Its Wheelchair-Bound Owner Through A Flood

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06.10.13 6 Comments

I do not know when this video was filmed, but it doesn’t really matter. Anytime we get a chance to celebrate man’s best friend doing something that reminds us why dogs are called man’s best friend makes it a great day. In this case, some passersby recorded a little phone camera footage of a wheelchair-bound man in (presumably) Russia after the streets were flooded. And it’s amazing because the man is actually being pushed through the flood waters by his dog.

The comments on the video are mostly in Russian, but with the help of the handy dandy Google translator, we know that while most of the people were celebrating this poochinski’s awesomeness, they were also condemning the people who took the video for just driving along and not bothering to help.

Yes, it is adorable to watch a heroic dog pushing its owner in a wheelchair, and I know he waves them off, but it’s also only a dog. Get out of the damn car and at least ask the guy if he wants help. Even if he says no, maybe you could remind him that it’s only a dog pushing him and that poor thing might need a little break. At least give the little fella a cookie and a tummy rub.

(Furry Russian hat tip to our friends at HyperVocal)

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