‘Covfefe’ Made The Internet Turn On WeRateDogs, One Of The Last Bastions Of Internet Wholesomeness

05.31.17 8 months ago 9 Comments

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Drama has manifested itself after a wild night of meme-making thanks to Donald Trump’s now-infamous “covfefe” tweet, and it’s swirling around the unlikeliest place: @Dog_Rates. One of the last bastions of pure wholesomeness on the internet today, the Twitter account that rates dogs (well) came under fire from both the left and the right for putting proceeds of a covfefe hat to Planned Parenthood, then apologizing for it when some of his followers objected. How did we get here? Let’s take a look.

The heckin’ funny guy behind @Dog_Rates, Matt Nelson, has maintained a store full of merchandise because having an ultra-popular Twitter account doesn’t really pay the bills. It’s full of hats and shirts featuring the many catchphrases he’s popularized over the last few years rating doggos. Stuff like this:

So when Donald Trump’s mysterious “covfefe” tweet took the internet by storm for a few hours, Nelson did what anyone with an online shop would do — capitalize on the fervor with a joke, then monetize it before everyone forgets it even happened.

First, the joke:

Then the merch:

Banal enough, right? No. Half of all profits from the merch would go to Planned Parenthood, which has had its funding nearly gutted by the Trump administration. This, naturally, left many people who want to support good dogs, but not Planned Parenthood, upset. As the Daily Dot points out, this announcement turned most lovers of dogs being rated into disappointed lovers of dogs being rated. They don’t want “politics” (IE: preventative care) in their viral joke merchandise based on the President’s typo, it seems. Nor can they just not buy the hat?

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