What If Your Favorite Superheroes Were Manatees?

08.06.12 5 years ago

Deviant Art has long been one of my favorite time-wasting Internet wormholes, from the insanity of Kate Upton fan art to the awesomeness of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor. My latest hetero geek artist crush is Joel Micah Harris who, for reasons I don’t even need, has created a series of the world’s greatest superheroes re-imagined as manatees. Why, you ask? Why not.
Included in the mix are Supermanatee (above), Captain Amanatee, Spider-Manatee, Wonder Womanatee, Batmanatee, and even three variations of the Incredible Hulk. It also helps if you listen to Jim Gaffigan’s manatee routine before looking at Harris’ works, because then you’ll keep saying, “But I’m a manatee” in that squeaky voice over and over, and you should be doing that anyway, because it’s awesome.
And yes, there are prints, stickers and t-shirts available of these masterpieces, and that’s incredibly bad news for my t-shirt addiction and my bank account. You can also check out the rest of Harris’ awesome comic-inspired art and other various works at his website.

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