Will The Steve Jobs Stamp Fire Your Letter In An Elevator?

02.21.14 4 years ago

Steve Jobs, as we all know, passed away in 2011. Jobs, of course, was a terrible human being, something confirmed by the freaking FBI. But, hey, he made a toy we all like, so he gets a stamp anyway.

We know this because it was leaked by the Washington Post, which seems a little too enthusiastic about postage. This is also apparently a step by the Post Office to try to get somebody, anybody, interested in stamp collecting again:

The approved subjects include many more traditional historical, cultural and literary figures that have long been the hallmark of the stamp program. But the financially strapped service is embarking on a new path now to increase revenue and attract young collectors, one more heavily tilted toward popular subjects.

Here’s the fundamental question, though: Will anybody actually buy this? It seems a little weird to put a man who did a lot to put a bullet in the post office out of business in the first place on a product the Post Office actually sells. Apparently subjects like this are controversial among stamp collectors, because really, what else do they have to talk about?

Either way, expect the Steve Jobs stamp to appear sometime in 2015, probably right around the time Apple announces they’ve reanimated him as an artificial intelligence and to bow before your god. Only to discover it’s just a DVD of that Ashton Kutcher movie.

Via The Washington Post

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