Yelp Didn’t Think It Was So Funny When This Woman Used Its Service To ‘Review’ Her Dates

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01.12.16 9 Comments

Meet Natalie Walker. Walker is a 25-year-old actress from New York City and self-proclaimed “longtime ‘getting weird on the internet’ devotee,” who — for sh*ts and giggles — decided to start posting reviews of her dates on Yelp. If you’re wondering if this concept sounds familiar, yes, at face value it does sound a bit like that disastrous “Yelp for people” app that flamed out before it could even be fully conceived.

Unlike that app, however, Walker assures everyone that her reviews were for comedic purposes only. She told BuzzFeed News, “I figured I’d write a few reviews and screenshot them before they got filtered; I’d maybe get four likes from my friends on Twitter, and then I’d move on to my next dumb social-media joke.”

And once Walker started posting her reviews on social media, they started to catch on. And it’s no wonder, because they’re pretty damn funny. Here’s a few from her Instagram page:

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