You Better Believe Carrie Fisher Is Getting Back Into Gold Bikini Shape For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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05.13.14 20 Comments

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As we now know, Star Wars: Episode VII is starting to film today, so it’s only natural that Carrie Fisher got herself back into fighting shape for the sequel. Well, maybe not “gold bikini shape,” necessarily, although the original Princess Leia did drop a not insignificant amount of weight for the film, as her mother told that giant plastic Ken Doll on Extra:

Her mom, screen legend Debbie Reynolds, revealed the news to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, explaining that Fisher is preparing for the film in London. “She’s very excited about it… she’s been on a diet ever since, because you know they have to be up to par, so she looks terrific, she’s lost 40 pounds.”

I mean, Carrie Fisher has seen her up and downs over the years — but if you think about it, she’s really only a few years older than Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Of course, comparing Julia Louis-Dreyfus to any other woman her age is like comparing bacon to pig’s feet, so I guess that’s not really fair.

Sadly, that’s just what it’s come down to, though. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is like the reverse grading curve to which all other 50-something women shall now be compared against. I’m just glad that by the time I’m in my 50’s, that b*tch will be in her 70’s, and … She’ll probably still look better than me. Goddamn you, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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