You Can Have You Own Batcave Home Movie Theater For Only…Well, Actually, It’s Pretty Damn Expensive

08.06.12 5 years ago

So, after much hype The Dark Knight Rises has come and gone, and now we’re all stuck with either giving up movies altogether, or watching something that doesn’t feature Batman. Gross.

But wait! What if you could make every movie you see at least a little bit about Batman by watching them all in your very own Batcave? Well, a company called Elite Home Theater Seating can set you up. For a mere 2-million bucks they’ll build you a home movie theater designed to look like the Batcave from the Nolan Bat-movies.

Hit the jump for some pictures of what your Bat-theatre could look like…

Oh yeah, that’s a hidden Batmobile. No movie viewing experience is complete without a hidden Batmobile.

Pretty impressive, but I dunno — seems like there’s cheaper ways to girl-proof your house.

via Collider

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