If You’re Going To Desecrate Currency, Do It With Painted-On Pop Culture Characters

Senior Pop Culture Editor


I’ve often said that the worst thing about quarters is that there’s not pictures of characters from Futurama on them, so the new Tumblr blog, Tales You Lose, is right up my broke-ass alley. The concept reads as such: “Coins are actually massively-reproduced little sculptures. This project brings individual character to each replica, and makes us think: Are we able to like one cent more than others, just by injecting new stories in it? Those are the Tales You Lose.” In other words, PAINTED ON RORSCHACH ROBOCOP AMELIE AND FINN THE HUMAN.

Brb, going to through away all my money without drawings on it.

robocop amelie space ghost spirited away marge freddie kill bill alex catwoman finn bride wolverine leela (Via)

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