Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Wanted To Break Into PR… Became An Internet Sensation Overnight

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04.09.12 2 Comments

It’s been quite a week for Zeddie Little (aka Ridiculously Photogenic Guy). One Monday ago he was just a random 25 year-old dude looking to score a job in New York PR and visit his home town for organized footraces. Today if you Google his name or his monicker you’ll find article after article on his meteoric rise to internet fame.

I have to say, of all the subjects I’ve seen randomly become web phenomenons overnight I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone garner this level of personal interest. People want to know Zeddie, have a beer with him, wear his skin as formal wear. The dude’s Facebook fan page has 35K+ likes for God’s sake. THE RPG FAN PAGE. Yeah. And the mainstream media coverage is beyond remarkable. He hasn’t given an interview yet as far as I can tell, just interacted some on Facebook, but quotes from his dad and the restaurant owner he worked for right out of college (wuh?) are everywhere. In contrast, no one tracked down Naive College Freshman until he was a senior. To the handsome face goes the spoils, I guess.

Seeing as how I’ve spent my fair share of time in the lovely city of Charleston, South Carolina and it’s fun to witness a seemingly nice local kid receive this sort of attention and presumably use it for good, here’s a quick crash course on your new virtual best friend, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy…

  • Zeddie is from Charleston and attended College of Charleston.
  • He graduated in 2009.
  • Zeddie and his girlfriend (sorry, ladies… and gents) moved to NYC a year ago.
  • He returned back to Charleston for the Cooper River 10K last weekend.
  • He didn’t even know the who took the now infamous photo.
  • He scored his first PR gig last Wednesday, the same day he became an internet celebrity.
  • IRONY.

Daily Mail’s extensive coverage here. Local Charleston coverage here. And even more to come when this gets rushed to publication…

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