06.16.09 8 years ago 65 Comments

Brandon Marshall Successfully Cuts Ties With Terribly Unsupportive Team That Covered Up His Wife Beating. It’s “Get Away With Murder Day” at KSK today. See if you can follow this logic. Talented Broncos wideout Brandon Marshall is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend multiple times, and for coming at her with a brick. In turn, the Broncos ask the victim, more or less, to keep quiet on the matter. Outside The Lines airs the whole sordid affair, including a reported fight between Marshall and his NEW fiancee. Marshall responds to this whole thing by demanding the Broncos trade him. Because they were so disloyal, you see. A real class NFL team would have taped his fists before he started wailing on his lady. That’s how the Bengals would have done it. Anyway, the Broncos actually AGREED to trade him today (They haven’t traded him yet, but Pat Bowlen enjoys bargaining without leverage. He’s a real wild man like that.). Apparently, you can force a trade in Denver simply by asking Bowlen, “pretty please with sugar on top.” Congrats, Broncos fans. Your team has again vastly downgraded its skill positions in order to acquire first round picks it will then trade for fourth round picks. Drink up.

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