07.23.09 8 years ago 29 Comments

THIS WEEK IN READING PUNTE (TWIRP): I was fortunate enough to be tapped by Emil Steiner to contribute to The League, the NFL blog for a certain DC-area newspaper’s online presence. My first contribution to the blog can be read here; the piece is topped off with a headshot that’s been described as “rapey.”

Also this morning, I’ll be the guest du jour on On The DL. Dan Levy, Nick Tarnowski and run the gamut (gambit?) of nerdiness, seriousness, and the art of podcasting. It should be, as we say in the business, tits.

Do enjoy. And get your mailbag questions in before lunch. We won’t give away who’s doing the ‘sack this week, but expect generous portions of donkey penetration and Judith Light pining. Should be fun. For me, anyway.

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