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Galifianakis Multipanes Are The Best

By 06.16.11

Don’t you love those multipane images that deliver a delayed funny punchline over a series of screengrabs? Yeah, they’re popular. Popular for versatile memes like the Social Network Note Pass, popular for movie scene re-creations/variations, and popular for delivering stand-up bits. For my money they don’t apply more perfectly to a singular individual than they do for Zach Galifianakis. The structure of his joke telling, his demeanor, it’s just a perfect, wonderful fit.
Every time I run into a new one it’s like giving my day got a B-12 shot. And since I haven’t seen much else today worth sharing and my muse is apparently on holiday in the panhandle I figured why not pay tribute to something I f’n love. So here you go.
Sources: Tumblr and Reddit and Tumblr


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