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2011 Emmy Nomination GIF Walls

By 07.14.11

Let’s face it, early morning nominations for television accolades that won’t be awarded for another 60+ days are tough to get excited about, especially when the people doing the awarding think The Big Bang Theory is the pinnacle of 21st century comedy. But there are a few pleasant surprises, namely recognition for Parks & Rec, Friday Night Lights, Timothy Olyphant, Peter Dinklage, and Louis C.K. Sure, there are all sorts of mind-numbing snubs like always, namely Community, but I’ve found taking the hipster approach to being a Community fan helps numb the pain.
Here are the most GIFable of the nominees in meaningful categories, because who wants to read nominations, amirite? Unfortunately a category or two had to be omitted due to lack of GIF potential (looking at you Kathy Bates) so I suggest also visiting Warming Glow for slightly more informed and comprehensive coverage. Enjoy!
Sources: Tumblr, Warming Glow, Pajiba

There are other nominees but weirdly I couldn’t find any GIFs of them.


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