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The 10 Most Confusing Sexy Chloë Sevigny GIFs

By / 11.18.12

There's a chance that the only reason I find Chloë Sevigny super attractive is because she once wore a Groucho Marx t-shirt, which induces in me a reaction similar to showing a fat man a burrito. (I also like burritos.) But Sevigny, who's been in the public's eye since Larry Clarke's Kids came out in 1995, is undeniably attractive — it's just confusing to find her sexy. She's like an art project, where just as soon as you think you get it ("Oh, she IS sexy"), you're told, "No, no, you've got it all wrong. The point is everything but the sexy." OK.

Or maybe I just really like Big Love and think she's great on this season of American Horror Story as a nyphomaniac (though not so much in the attractive department anymore...). In celebration of her 38th birthday, which doesn't seem possible, here are 10 of her most confusingly sexy GIFs.

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The Last Days of Disco


The Brown Bunny

We can't exactly show THAT scene. (Via)

Boys Don't Cry


Big Love

OK, not sexy, but again, Big Love is awesome. (Via)

Photo Shoot


American Horror Story: Asylum


American Horror Story: Asylum


AHS Promo



I want more like this!

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