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Man Dressed As Batman Drops Criminal Off At Police Station, Then Disappears

By / 03.04.13

Imagine going to prison because a fat guy dressed as Batman caught you. “What are you in for?” “I knocked over a few liquor stores. You?” “I stabbed this jerk in the face with a broken beer bottle. JUST MY LUCK, he died later that night, leaving behind a wife and two kids. Asshole. What about you? Yeah, you, in the corner.” “I handled stolen goods…until this overweight chap in a cheap Batman costume captured me.” Shiv party tonight.

A man dressed as the caped crusader Batman has handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station before disappearing into the night.

Police said the costumed crime-fighter marched the 27-year-old man into Trafalgar House Police Station in the early hours of 25 February.

Kathryn Sutcliffe, of Kirkgate Market’s The Joke Shop, said she sold a Batman outfit to a man in his 20s a couple of days before the incident.

She said: “Usually they want the Dark Knight costume but he wanted this one. He wanted the one with the muscly chest as well. It’s like the one Del Boy wears in Only Fools and Horses.” (Via)

Fatman fled the scene after dropping the criminal off because he knows some men just want to watch the world burn, especially Jerry down at The Jolly Pip, who always keeps the curly chips in the oil just a bit too long.

(Via BBC)


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