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This Trident-Funded Social Experiment Totally Proves Gum Chewers Are Better Than Everyone Else, You Guys

By / 11.21.13

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The above social experiment, dubbed “Almost Identical,” was conducted at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires. Its aim was to identify social stigmas associated with gum chewers by sitting sets of identical twins next to each other, with only one of them chewing gum. Data was then collected by quizzing passersby.

Which twin has more friends? Which twin would give you a raise? Which twin has more sex? Which twin is less of a dick? Turns out, in a totally unexpected upset, the gum-chewing twins received more favorable nods to these questions — by an overwhelming margin.

Also, the study was funded by Beldent — better known as Trident’s South American brand of chewing gum.

So, by all means, pop in a few sticks before your next job interview, career-defining meeting, or blind date. Chomp away. The louder the better! After all, Trident says it’s not only acceptable behavior, but preferred by the people around you.

Also on board with this study: Pete Carroll.



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