12 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Sixteen Candles’ To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

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7. Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald bonded over music. Initially, Ringwald and Hall didn’t care much for each other. In an effort to create a little co-star bonding, Hughes took both of them shopping at a music store where they discovered they liked some of the same groups. One of those groups was The Rave-Ups, which Molly scribbled on Samantha’s notebook.


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8. Relatives of Saturday Night Live’s original cast were in the church. The reverend is played by Bill Murray’s brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, and the woman sitting next to Samantha’s Ginny sits next to is John Belushi’s mother, Agnes Belushi.

9. Not surprisingly, the Sixteen Candles’ homes have become local tourist attractions. Unless you like the idea of strangers routinely stopping to take photos in your driveway, it’s probably best to avoid buying a home that was used in a cult movie. Both Jake and Samantha’s homes have become popular photo spots for fans of the film who happen to be passing through Evanston, Illinois. Both homes look relatively the same as they did 30 years ago — only Jake Ryan’s 16,000 square feet, 22 room mansion is no longer covered in toilet paper.


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10. Gedde Watanabe caught some backlash over the Asian stereotype of Long Duk Dong. Political correctness and comedy don’t often get along, and as funny as the character Long Duk Dong is, it’s pretty obvious that he leans hard on Hollywood’s dated stereotype of Asians. In an interview with NPR, Watanabe — who was 28 at the time — admitted that he was a little naive about his character:

“I was making people laugh, I didn’t realize how it was going to affect people. It took me a while to understand that. In fact, I was working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I was accosted a couple of times by a couple of women who were just really irate and angry. They asked, ‘How could you do a role like that?’ But it’s funny, too, because at the same time I laugh at the character. It’s an odd animal.”

11. Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall spent their downtime crashing Bat Mitzvahs. When filming wrapped on weekends, some of the cast members would hit up local bars in the area, but Rigwald and Hall were both 16 at the time and stuck in the hotel. In an effort to kill a little boredom, Ringwald and Hall crashed a Bat Mitzvah that was happening at their hotel in Skokie, Illinois, where the cast was being housed.

12. John Cusack’s beloved WLS is now talk radio. The shirt John Cusack’s character is wearing at the dance reads WLS, which at the time was a pop music station in Chicago. Times change though and now it’s all talk, all the time.

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*Bonus fact: If you’ve seen the movie on television then you probably remember the cafeteria scene. This scene is only included in the televised broadcasts and was never in the theatrical version, nor on the VHS or DVD versions.

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