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Learn How You Can Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ With Help From Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart

By 07.17.14
jon stephen star wars


Would you LITERALLY kill someone to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, then you’re no better than Darth Stephen Colbert, who struck down Jon-Jon Binks over an opportunity to be in the upcoming indie film that no one’s heard of. But then The Daily Show host came back to life. The end.

OK, not really, though that’s still a better story than Attack of the Clones. Colbert and Stewart teamed up to spread awareness of Omaze’s latest “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”: by pledging at least $10 through the fundraising platform, you’ll be entered for a chance to play a background alien, or something, in Star Wars: Episode VII: You Can Wookie But You’d Better Not Touch. The money goes to “raise funds and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and its innovative projects benefiting children in need,” and to future big-budget promotionial videos, I assume. Those flying lightsabers don’t come cheap.

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