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If You Go On Reddit GoneWild, You Might Run Into Anna Kendrick

By 07.18.14
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Buried beneath a paywall in the Glamour article about Anna Kendrick not thinking she’s gorgeous, or something, was an important anecdote: ANNA KENDRICK NAKED. Oh, hello random Google pervert. Anyway, Kendrick was asked to explain a tweet of hers, where she wrote, “Thought for the day: If I were going to take a naked picture of myself, I would…clean my room first.”

The backstory: “So I go on Reddit and invariably end up clicking on ‘GoneWild’ posts. It’s always girls taking naked pictures in the mirror, and their room behind them is a disaster. If I were a guy, I would not be turned on. I would be like, ‘Make your bed!’” (Via)

I had a sneaking suspicion that Kingboner69 was Anna Kendrick. Now we know.

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