Ken Jennings Is The 99% And Other 99% Parodies That Don’t Suck

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10.27.11 5 Comments

Thanks to years of training to act aloof in order to pick up chicks it’s tough for me to give a sh*t about the “I am the 99%” images that have come to be so popular over the last month. But much like “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” I’ve found some genuine enjoyment in the parodies that have popped up to undermine the sincerity of the originals. Not enough to actually write about though, that is until Jeopardy legend and underrated funny person Ken Jennings impressed Reddit with his take on holding up a piece of paper in front of a camera and sharing your woes with the internet.
And while we’re here I might as well share a few of the other 99% parodies I’ve seen and didn’t hate over the last couple of weeks. The last one I just saw this morning and think is particularly well done. Not hating Fancy Crab goes without saying. That regal son of a b*tch makes me want to be a better man.



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