A Christmas Story…

12.25.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

Darius Jr.

There’s plenty of reasons to hate the holidays.

The insane amounts of money spent. The aggravation involved with trying to fit everyone into an already packed schedule, because neglecting anyone is forbidden. The driving & traveling from destination to destination. The conversations with people & family members who you could care less if you talked to on any given day, much less a holiday. Being smothered with Christmas tune after Christmas tune. The oodles of “Happy Holidays. God Bless You & Ruldolph” text messages that you receive, driving up your cell bill.

Having to pretend to smile as your loved one gives you yet another unwanted gift that they damn well know you or they wouldn’t have wasted $20 on in the first place if they were purchasing something for themselves. The dinner with bland macaroni prepared by the hands of an overbearing aunt who should stick to finance. The family drunk who manages to bring a damper on any family gathering by either acting an ass, retrieving and exposing some bone from the proverbial skeleton in the family closet. Having to kiss that aunt with the mustache.

The insane amounts of money spent.

Little Darius Sinclair™ Jr. reminded me that the season isn’t about all of the negatives. It’s about the positives & the little things.

Seeing the kids smile & play. Their excitement. Getting the chance to hold the newborn. Giving a knuckle nuggy the head of a younger cousin who’s gettin bigger each time you see them. Watching them light up when they receive a tremendous gift that they wanted, but didn’t even bother to ask for.

It’s about taking one day to remember that smiles, innocence & happiness are really what life’s about. As we age & the pace of life changes with us, we sometimes forget who made us & how those little things can make us so happy.

John Legend – It Don’t Have To Change

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The Hot Boys – Let ‘Em Burn



Busy Bee – Making Cash Money 12″ (1982)

Boss – Deeper (1993)

The 45 King – Master Of The Game (1989)

Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – Make It Reign

Chali 2Na – Fish Market


RBX – The Shining



Nappy Roots – InnerState Music

Nappy Roots – Watermelon, Chicken And Gritz

Stray Shots

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