A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: January 13th

01.13.12 6 years ago

It’s time once again for our Friday comic book cosplay feature, spotlighting the best superhero (and villain) related costuming from the cosplay community.  We’re casting the spotlight onto those cosplayers who we think deserve special recognition for coming up with the best costumes, whatever the budget, and the photographers who capture them for posterity.
Gamma Squad is committed to giving a voice to the cosplay community that thrives in groups like our friends at 
TheSuperheroCostumingForum.com. Each week we spotlight our favorite costumes and each month we host a cosplay contest. We’ll be picking a theme for each month and inviting cosplayers, costumers and photographers to submit related pictures of their work to our Flickr group to be considered. We’ll then pick our top choices and post them on Gamma Squad for the adoration of all.
The theme for the upcoming month is:

  • Super Villains and Diabolical Foes

For now, enjoy this week’s selection!

 Starfire cosplay by Rosanna Rocha at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2012. Photo by Grant Brummett. Source: Flickr

Another fantastic Starfire costume – this time from Rosanna Rocha, who certainly cuts an eyecatching figure.

Iron Man and War Machine cosplay at StarCon. Photo by Magolobo. Source: Deviantart

Incredible fan-made reconstructions of the Iron Man and War Machine costumes here, improved even further by a stunning photograph.

 Wonder Woman cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Photo by Joits. Source: Flickr

This cosplayer presents a welcome twist on the standard Wonder Woman costume. 

 Quicksilver cosplay at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2012. Photo by DTJAAAAM. Source: Flickr

Despite being a high-profile Avenger for years, Quicksilver doesn’t usually get the love from cosplayers. It’s nice to see that’s not always the case.

Dee Dee cosplay by Enasni-V and danipuffins. Photo by johnsonsan. Source: Deviantart

Cartoon, rather than comic characters. But in the case of this kick ass cosplay, exceptions can be made.

 Death cosplay by Rossassen. Source: Deviantart

Neil Gaiman’s Death is often a popular choice with more gothicly inclined cosplayers and here’s another great take on the character.

The Joker cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Photo by San Diego Shooter. Source: Flickr

A colorful cosplay of Batman’s arch-nemesis, enhanced by some fantastic props.

 Invisible Woman cosplay by Plu-Moon. Photo by hugodeathy. Source: Deviantart

A twist on Sue Richard’s most recognizable costume, but a welcome one as this cosplayer puts her own mark on the character.

 Kid Flash cosplay at Youmacon 2011. Photo by Elemental-Sight. Cosplay by TobieJade. Source: Deviantart

Again, we’re stretching the rules to include this version of Kid Flash – lifted from the Young Justice cartoon. But it’s such a great costume, who could resist?

 Black Cat cosplay by El Paso Cosplay Girls of The Supehero Costuming Forum. Source: The SCF

And wrapping up this week, a gorgeous version of the fan-favorite Spider-man character from our friends at the SCF.

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