Adam Pally’s Awesomely Crude ‘Happy Endings’ Billboard Photoshops

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09.29.11 3 Comments

Last May I was following Happy Endings’ Adam Pally pretty closely on Twitter. His character Max, the schleppy guy’s guy gay dude, had quickly become one of my favorites thanks to lines like, “I’m a chubby Chris O’Donnell, which in Chicago is like a regular Chris O’Donnell,” and I was desperate for the show to get renewed. Once news hit they’d be back for a second full season with a killer Modern Family lead-in I had to unfollow. Dude tweets A LOT. Extemporaneously.

Now I’m kind of bummed I jumped ship. Yesterday — prior to the show’s premiere last night — Pally start tweeting out crudely photoshopped billboards he made using other show’s promotional materials. They’re pretty glorious. Especially if you watch Happy Endings. Which you should be doing. By estimation there’s one week left to jump on the bandwagon if you want to say you were a fan before it was cool. It makes The New Girl look like it was written by a high school yearbook committee, which it very well may be.


I have to assume this was the inspiration…

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