America, F*ck Yeah!: 20 Images To Help You Get Your Patriotism On

07.03.12 4 years ago • 12 Comments

In 2004, the brilliant Trey Parker and Matt Stone made one of their many significant contributions to the overall zeitgeist of the early 21st century with “America: F*ck Yeah!” Patriotism has never quite been the same. The phrase, the song, the idea encompassed what is so simultaneously incredible, bizarre, and unfortunate about our country and provided us with a way to embrace them all without contradiction.

The internet has of course adopted “America: F*ck Yeah!” to describe the best, worst, and most amusing aspects of our nation. And now that Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor has greased your patriotic wheels, it’s time to get in full-on deep fried firework boob job USA! USA! mode with this collection of the best “America: F*ck Yeah!” images the world wide web has to offer. If you need me I’ll be drinking domestics with Axl Rose in my favorite mesh cap.

Sources: Know Your Meme & Tumblr



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