And Star Trek 2's Villain Is…

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05.08.12 4 Comments

“Star Trek II” is one of my favorite movies, ever. And I’m a pathetic film nerd: it’s on a list with “Bronson”, “That Obscure Object of Desire” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. So, the idea of J.J. Abrams getting his greasy mitts on Nicholas Meyer’s damn near perfect film filled me with rage.

And then I discovered that the movie wouldn’t be a rehash of “Space Seed”. And it’s certainly not going to be a repeat of “The Wrath of Khan”, because Khan has nothing to be angry about yet.

So basically, they’re just slapping Khan’s name onto a generic villain. Does this bother me, as a man who has seen “Star Trek II” so many times I can repeat the dialogue word for word? Yeah. In fact, going straight to Khan in the second movie illustrates, I think, a lot about what’s wrong with Hollywood in general and Paramount’s handling of the “Star Trek” franchise in particular.

But as long as they don’t take a big fat dump on the movie that saved the entire franchise’s bacon, well, I can deal, I guess.

But I still want to know why the Beastie Boys never released “Intergalactic” in the Abrams timeline.

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