Awesome People Hanging Out With Bill Murray

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10.20.11 10 Comments

I made mention a few weeks back that it was bugging me that I didn’t do an “Awesome People Hanging Out with Bill Murray” on his 61st birthday. In all honesty, it’s been bugging me even more that I didn’t kick off the recurring feature with him to begin with, as this is internet and it would have made perfect sense. Man, I shoulda been there.
But what better time than the present to pay tribute to the internet’s favorite aloof uncle and his amazing existence? The web is never short of new and noteworthy Murray-related awesomeness, but between spontaneously conducting the Harvard band and the recent NYFF revelations that Bill protected Wes Anderson and the cast of The Royal Tenenbaums from Gene Hackman’s old man badassery, Murray exploits are as kick ass as ever.
Thanks to Bill’s proclivity for random nights out and making single-serving friends not all of the awesome people featured here are celebrities, but the photos are awesome, and if Bill deemed them awesome enough to hang out with they are plenty awesome in my book. As Vince so eloquently puts it: “Bill Murray: zero f*cks given since 1985.”
Sources: FYBM & FY-BM
Backstage of SNL with Belushi and the Stones.
The “Nitschke is a pussy” incident.
Taken while filming arguably the greatest cameo ever.
Pretty sure this photo with the GZA is from the infamous bartending night in Austin.
Pretty sure this was still in Austin.
No context necessary.
Polaroids from a weekend with Hunter S. Thompson.
Williamsburg party crashing.
John Mayer isn’t awesome, but Bill’s Elvis impersonation certainly is.
Random lady was begging for it.
Random lady was begging for it.
No context necessary.
Karaoke night.
Wes Anderson attempting to pull up his pants and act like a man.
Lake Como weekend with Clooney.
It’s a prestigious award.
John Belushi’s funeral. Photo just felt like it belonged.
Making friends with friends of Redditors.
The Second City days with John Candy.
Murray Bros. charity event for the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.
Guitar Crossroads Festival ’07 with Clapton.
Cornell-Harvard 2011.
The Murray Brothers.

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