Barnes & Noble And DC Comics Are Beefin’

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A couple weeks ago DC Comics made a deal to sell the first digital versions of about a hundred of their graphic novels exclusively on Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. Included in the deal are the first digital versions of Watchmen, The Sandman, Batman: Arkham City, and Superman: Earth One. CBR has a full list of titles coming to the Kindle Fire.

Barnes & Noble didn’t react happily to the news. They’ve been trying to ink a similar deal for their Nook Color for months. Late last week they sent an email to stores instructing them to pull all 100 comics off the shelves and not allow them to enter the store at any time. If a costumer wishes to order one of the titles, they can only have it shipped to their home. At first the email was rumored to exist, with BleedingCool confirming its existence and Neil Gaiman (who has several graphic novels on the list) tweeting about it. Now the dispute has been confirmed by a Barnes & Noble spokesperson:

“We will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format,” chief merchant for B&N Jaime Carey said in a statement. “To sell and promote the physical book in our store showrooms and not have the ebook available for sale would undermine our promise to Barnes & Noble customers to make available any book, anywhere, anytime.” [Goodereader]

DC Comics also released a statement:

We are disappointed that Barnes & Noble has made the decision to remove these books off their shelves and make them unavailable to their customers. DC Entertainment will continue to make our content available to our fans and new readers through multiple distribution channels including locally-owned comic book retailers, independent bookstores, other bookstore chains and other widespread means such as online through Amazon and through our apps on iOS and select Android powered devices as well as new and exciting devices going forward. [DC Comics via CBM]

I’m disappointed. There aren’t nearly enough rhymes about the personal appearance and parentage of the opposing side in these statements. Somewhere, Tupac and Biggie are laughing about these weak lines while they’re sitting on their see-saw.

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[Banner picture by Erin Gumbel for Chapel Hill Comics.]

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