Bears-Packers Live Blog — Second Half

09.13.12 5 years ago 783 Comments

With two offensive lines disinclined to block anyone and a Packers receiving corps that is obligated to drop every other pass, we’ve got seven sacks and 13 points at the break, most of those points coming from a fake field goal for a touchdown. The two offenses that Mayock described as high-powered are not very high on power but possibly something else. Meanwhile, Cedric Benson and Randall Cobb are the lone representatives from the people’s republic of competence. Which naturally made for riveting viewing.

Anyway, someone kicked to Hester and he only returned it to just short of the 40, so trickeration and short fields following turnovers may be the only hope for further points. And since the Packers already went to that well for seven in the first half, both coaches will be on the lookout for more deception here on out. Then again, one of the QBs is bound to cough it up for FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN at the rate both are being blindsided by defenders.

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