Meme Watch: Grumpy Cat Is The Ron Swanson Of Cats

By 09.25.12
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Any day we get to highlight a new meme involving a cat is a good day. The delightful feline above was introduced to Reddit on Sunday, garnering many photoshops and not one, but two separate Quickmeme pages dedicated to the Grumpy Cat. She’s already won over our hearts with her cuddly curmudgeonliness. (And we have a follow-up gallery full of Grumpy Cat photoshops available here.)

Since she looked too funny to be an unaltered photo, Cataliades posted a video and more pictures of this scowling little kitty to prove she’s real:


So cute. Want to rub the belly.

Our 20 favorite image macros and photoshops of the Grumpy Cat are collected below.

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(UPDATE: a follow-up gallery full of Grumpy Cat photoshops is available here.)

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