Meme Watch: ‘One-Up America’ Catalogs A Series Of American Overachievements

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08.09.12 23 Comments

The picture above was created on Quickmeme this Monday after the Mars landing stole London’s Olympic thunder. The picture’s ensuing popularity spawned several other versions of the image macro. Now it’s the “One-Up America” meme, in which the good ol’ U.S. of A. can’t let anybody else outdo us at anything or take the limelight for too long. Because America, that’s why. Like it or leave it, pinko scum! USA! USA! USA!

Um, excuse me. Got carried away for a second. BY HOW AWESOME WE ARE. USA! USA! USA!

Our 20 favorite One-Up America pictures are collected here. There’s some salty language in some of these. If you have any complaints about that, we can’t hear them over the sound of our freedom.

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