Meme Watch: Sudden Clarity Cat Can Has Epiphany

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10.18.12 2 Comments

Sudden Clarity Cat is the new meme-cousin of Sudden Clarity Clarence. It all started when Dana snapped a photo of her cat sampling yogurt for the first time. “Apparently my cat likes yogurt,” she writes underneath this amusing photo:

This messy eater with a dollop of delicious yogurt on its forehead quickly made the rounds on Tumblr. The cat reminded us of the “Bucket Of Truth” sketch from Upright Citizens Brigade, so we made this:

We weren’t the only ones who thought the cat seemed to be having a life-changing epiphany. The picture was shortly thereafter being captioned on Quickmeme. Our 25 favorite examples of this Sudden Clarity Cat are collected below. Thanks to Final Ellipsis for the assist.

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