‘Big Lebowski’ Folgers Donny Blend Coffee Grounds

Editorial Director

I always assumed it must have sucked to go from dying a glorious woodchipper death in one quintessential Coen Brothers movie to being mostly an afterthought and setting up epic John Goodman tirades in another. Steve Buscemi confirmed my suspicions with his “I didn’t want to play this part” discussion of Donny from the NYC Lebowski Fest cast reunion back in August. Oddly enough I found it to be one of the most compelling portions of the entire panel. Camera phone clip with some pretty decent audio (although it misses Buscemi telling Goodman to “shut the f*ck up!”) after the jump.

Oh yeah, Jon Defreest’s latest Lebowski-related masterpiece is Donny-centric. And before you ask, the answer is yes. It is comforting to know he rose back to life in the Tara Reid sequel.


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