Bill Simmons Pays Homage To Tim Duncan

05.28.13 4 years ago 29 Comments


Tim Duncan’s had a pretty awesome postseason. Not only is he the owner of the this year’s best playoff .gif, but the Demon Deacon stands four wins away from his fifth championship ring. Knowing all this, Bill Simmons had no choice but to show respect where it’s long since been due.

I’m not one to backtrack on my words. It’s the reason why I’ll never admit to not saying the Spurs weren’t boring years ago and that the 2005 Finals – despite going seven games – is a series I will be fine never watching again.* On the same accord, Duncan has always been a talent only few players in the sport’s history can rival. Simmons drives home the logic Duncan is his generation’s best player bar none and no better teammate existed during his time in the league. It’s hard to “hate” Timmy simply because he’s never done anything to warrant hate.

Hating Duncan would be stupid given the fact the Spurs have been arguably the most consistent franchise in the big four sports since his arrival in 1997. Hating Timmy would be stupid because he’s career 20-11-2 (blocks) per game guy. Hating the man would be asinine because he’s never once had a bitch fit in the media or never mailed it in. Hating Timmy just isn’t right because getting ejected for laughing still remains one of the funniest, most f*cked up moments of the past decade.

Hating The Big Fundamental wouldn’t be smart because he’s a walking Hall of Famer who never showed up fans, coaches or teammates; a guy who simply showed up to work, brought home double-doubles and went on about his life. Hating Tim Duncan would be foolish because he was arguably the best big man in basketball in 2013, and he entered the league the same year Master P dropped Ghetto D; an album I’m about 65% sure Tim’s never even listened to.

Top 10 basketball players of all time just shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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* – Ironically, the Finals that year should’ve been Pacers/Spurs. But, again, the lesson in all this is it’s Ben Wallace’s fault. Connect the dots.

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