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07.27.11 6 years ago


From Max Riffner: How to Draw Boobs

I had a film professor in college who told us that Jessica Rabbit’s boobs literally defied gravity, bouncing up when they should bounce down and vice versa, creating a hypnotic effect. Perhaps that is a side effect of her boobie trap (or perhaps it’s not true, I can’t find a reference to this effect online), but in any case it is fair to say that artists and animators have been known to take certain, um, liberties with mankind’s favorite lady parts.

And by liberties I’d like to clarify that I’m talking about the constantly jiggling torpedo boobs we’ve all come to know and love. After all, how could we stay focused when playing “Soul Caliber” without comically large, cartoon boobs? Fortunately for aficionados of boobs that operate unlike anything in the real world, the new Tumblr Boobs Don’t Work That Way is working to catalog the most egregious creations. I talked with the creator of Boobs Don’t Work That Way, Toni Becnel, about how you get into blogging about this prominent, important subject.

Warning NSFW video after the jump.

Gamma Squad: What inspired you to start Boobs Don’t Work That Way?

Boobs Don’t Work That Way: I think it was a picture of Wonder Woman. Someone on Tumblr was discussing how they’d given her pants, but still let her boobs hang out all over the place. They commented that in real life her boobs would be prone to flopping out and that some artists really have no idea how boobs work do they? And I thought no, they really don’t.

Boobs that Dodge Bullets

GS: It seems like the Tumblr has really touched a nerve, have you noticed any common reactions from fans?

BDWTW: There’s been a lot of , “This is exactly what I’ve been saying for years.” I’ve also had a few people tell me it’s made them feel less weird about their body, which is always a good thing.

GS: Do you get people trying to argue with you that boobs do work that way? How do you respond?

BDWTW: People tend to argue more that art is supposed to look that way. Or that it doesn’t matter that the anatomy is hideous, because it’s fantasy and thus doesn’t have to follow any rules. I think that’s silly. If that was true people wouldn’t make fun of Rob Liefeld so much.

GS: It seems like the blog is blowing up very quickly, what do you think of all the fanfare?

BDWTW: It’s exciting and a little bit scary. I created the blog mostly to amuse myself. I had no idea it would explode the way it has. Mostly though its been a lot of fun. I love reading the discussions this blog tends to spark.

Check out more of this fascinating subject at Boobs Don’t Work That Way.

My boobs are on stalks!

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