‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Patch Breaks The Game On Xbox One

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Man, at this point, you’ve just kind of got to feel bad for Call of Duty fans on the Xbox One. First their $500 system had construction issues that meant 1080p at sixty frames wasn’t going to happen. And now a patch to fix that problem has actually made it worse.

Once the patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts was in the wild, rumors started popping up that something was wrong almost immediately. And sure enough, according to the gold-standard tech nerds at Digital Foundry,

Kicking off with a look at Stonehaven, it’s immediately obvious that things are not quite right. While the game does indeed hit 60fps in this stage, frame-rates are dramatically impacted when the whole level is in view, with metrics varying between 46-60fps as we run across the landscape. As frame-rates fall below the desired 60fps target, we also see the appearance of some screen-tear, adding some judder, making drops in smoothness more noticeable.

While other maps were less affected, there were still frame rate problems and the attendant issues. In other words, Activision and Infinity Ward broke their game in an attempt to fix it; making it worse is the fact that this was designed to prep the game for the release of the Onslaught DLC. That said, the game isn’t unplayable, just somewhat annoying. See for yourself…

It may have no really significant impact on the game, but it’s embarrassing to Infinity Ward and Activision, and annoying to the players. It also illustrates that even with a lot of work, adapting to new consoles remains a work in progress.

Via Digital Foundry

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