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SNL’s Stefon Has Been Recommending Clubs With EVERYTHING On Yelp And No One Realized It |UPROXX|

Kobe Bryant Unveils The #KobeSystem: Success For The Successful |Smoking Section|

The Brutal Critical Response to ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’ Is Funnier than the Show |Warming Glow|

Man Arrested For Filming Volleyball Slumber Party, Was Not Wearing With Leather Shirt |With Leather|

Lana Del Rey Was Impossibly Awful On SNL Last Night |UPROXX|

12 Potential Collab Albums That Never Released |Smoking Section|

Armond White gets asked about FilmDrunk |Film Drunk|

Tebowie Throws From Station To Station |With Leather|

Will Ferrell Is Running For President |Film Drunk|

Telemundo Still Awesome |Warming Glow|

17 Awfully Punny Store Names |HuffPost Comedy|

Mario Question Block Lamp is a Sure Hit |Technabob|

The 10 Least Successful Spin-Offs In TV History |The FW|

Drinking 3 Beers With No Hands In 37 Seconds |Buzzfeed|

Every “Friday The 13th” Kill In Chronological Order |GorillaMask|

Five Ways Star Trek And Star Wars Are Better Than Each Other |Pajiba|

Adult Swim Celeb-Nerdy Interview: Dave Attell Keeps an Eternal Flame for Game Shows |Adult Swim|

VIDEO BELOW: “I think my cat is secretly a headcrab.” — Reddit

[Inset picture via Buzzfeed.]

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