NBA Approves Charlotte Hornets Name Change

07.19.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Charlotte Hornets

Retro NBA fans and Charlotte residents, rejoice! The Bobcats are no more! Per ESPN, this season will serve as the orange-and-blue’s swan song, as the classic “Hornets” moniker returns in the 2014-2015 season.

Since they moved to New Orleans in 2002, the Hornets have made for some interesting discussions in the nerdiest regions of the NBA’s fanclub. Good but never great in a 90’s sort of way, few relocated teams can claim to be as cool – even if it is ironically – as the Hornets. Blame the phenomenon on a cult-like dedication to some awesome merchandise if you want.

Regardless, this move makes perfect sense. A great way to exorcise the demons of a franchise defined by failure. If they can do away with those damn pinstripes, I will definitely consider buying a teal Michael Kidd-Gilchrist jersey.

The city of Charlotte must have missed the memo about the name-change and all-day “Buzz City Celebration” to mark the Hornets returned because not too many people showed up to take part. Says the Deadspin commenter who was there.

“I just took this picture (~12:45) in downtown Charlotte at the Bobcats’ party for changing the name to the Hornets. It’s a sad state of affairs, as evidenced by the lonely clown on stilts in the middle there.

Keep in mind this is the heart of the city during lunch, one of the few times downtown Charlotte is generally busy.”

Michael Jordan can’t win for losing.

hornets name change party

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Photo — Getty, Deadspin

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